The US Postal Service (USPS) has made a change in one of its primary services the Standard Mail. The recent change that took place in January 2017 adapted USPS Marketing Mail as the services new name.

For the USPS, the move will help marketers better see how they can maximize the services potentials in growing their business.

Implication to Small Businesses

Marketing Mail includes accepting and sending printed materials such as small parcels, bulletins, catalogs, newsletters and flyers.

In the new system, theres no minimum weight per piece required. Maximum weight per piece is 16 ounces. The agency also requires that bulk materials must be at least 200 pieces, or 50 pounds in weight.

Additional perks such as return receipts, insurance and tracking are available without charges to the customer. You can avail of a forwarding service if you request for it, but its not free.

One bonus from the new system is that businesses are no longer required to indicate whether their materials are to be sent as first class or as periodicals. Both of these are subject to different rates. Non-profit organizations also pay lower postage fees compared to previous rates.

Different types of materials have different rates. If you have questions regarding the details of payment, consult with your direct mail printing and mailing service. Aside from rates, ask them about USPS requirements on dimensions, weights, labeling, and destination zones of mails.

More Benefits for Your Business

Aside from the cost-cutting system and the extra perks that the agency is giving everyone, additional benefits have been highlighted by the USPS. With this service, you also can:

* Easily know the best audience for your message The service has high market targetability, which means you can focus most of your energy and resources on those in society that are highly likely to take action.

* Get important data This direct mail service can help you know the data that matters. Use the data for improving your products and services.

* Get connected with almost everyone The idea is that everybody has a mailing address and they read their mail during a convenient time. This service is designed for businesses to reach as many consumers as possible.

* Tell consumers the whole story Direct mail service isnt limited by a 30-minute presentation that we often have with TV commercials. You can include details that you think will encourage consumers to respond without being hindered by similar limits.

Direct mail is a powerful instrument for driving traffic and sales. Incorporating it into your campaigns will give you insights and measurable results, allowing you to develop efficiency in each campaign.

Despite the superiority of internet marketing methods, direct mail marketing is still one of the largest advertising mediums that US businesses use. The recent USPS initiative only proves how viable direct mail marketing is.

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