We are living in a digital world, and in this competitive age, the need to rank on the first page of a search engine has become very important, and landing on the second page can cause you a loss of revenue. A good ranking of SEO for any company has become an integral part of any successful venture. If you own a company, then you need to understand all the rules of seo and the harms that it can cause you if you dont stay careful.

Getting an SEO penalty by Google can cause your website a lot of damage because it will drop your site on a lower rank, and as a result, you will lose a lot of traffic on your website.

In this article, we will discuss the penalties of Google and how you can defeat them.


Cloaking shows search engines a version of your website that is different from the usual version available for the visitors. Cloaking can be of various forms like the content or pictures on your site may be cloaked. Even if cloaking occurs through an accident, it is considered a severe crime and can get you banned by Google additional reading.

The Google Free click first policy states the nuances that cloaking can cause. It is indicated in the policy that website information that can be seen by Google but cant be viewed by the users without subscription is a serious crime. Such websites will get penalized.

Cloaking can be fixed easily. You can make use of tools to identify which side of your website is cloaked. After determining the cloaked page, compare the text fetched by Google to the cloaked version and make necessary changes.


Irrelevant messages sent to a various amount of people on the internet are known as Spam. Spam messages are considered very annoying on the internet, and Google believes Spam to be a nescience as well. Pure Spam is heavily penalized by Google.

The best way to get rid of spam issues is to remove it by reaching out to the source. If you are running a company, make sure to choose an anti spam messaging system for your website.


Make sure to add value and useful content to your website. Create a content that gives out the right message about your brand, and that conveys your goal and ideology well. Explain intellectually to the visitors on your website about what you have to offer and what kind of services they can get from your company. Creative and quality content is a must for a good storytelling.

Google has automated software and human employees who are continuously evaluating your website performance. Your website would only be able to get a good ranking if it is a valuable site.

You might become successful in finding tricks to fool software; but a human employee will somehow catch you, so your focus should be on creating good content rather than finding tricks to scam Google.

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