If you are accused of a crime, it can be overwhelming as you attempt to navigate the complex UK legal system while trying to defend your reputation.

It can help to understand the process first and then how London criminal barristers can help you through this difficult period.

Nearly all criminal cases start with the reporting of the offence to the police. During their investigation, the police will make an arrest after which you will be taken to the police station for questioning. You can request for the assistance of a duty solicitor or you can opt to request for your own solicitor. The police have the right to collect personal details including DNA, fingerprints, and photos of you.

If the police believe that they have sufficient evidence and they charge you with a crime, they will give you a charge sheet that details the crime you are being charged with. The police will then determine whether you will remain in custody or if they can release you on bail until the court hearing.

The first court hearing will be at a Magistrates Court. In this court, it will be two or three magistrates or a district judge to hear the case. Some offences considered less serious known as summary offences are usually only dealt with at this level.

Some crimes are serious and are passed on to the Crown Court. These offences are referred to as indictable offences. Offences such as sexual offences, violent crime, Internet and computer offences, homicide, white collar, or financial crimes are all examples of indictable offences.

London criminal barristers handle defence cases dealing with indictable offences since they are serious crimes and require a strong defence team.

Judges oversee the Crown Courts. The Crown Court also has a jury that hears the evidence and decides whether the accused is guilty or innocent. It is true that if you ever find yourself charged with an indictable offence in a Crown Court, you will experience quite a bit of anxiety. Having a strong legal team to back you up can help to alleviate this anxiety.

Most defendants are usually not aware that you are entitled to choose your trial advocate. They simply instruct a firm of solicitors and wait to see the barrister that will represent them based on the workload. This approach can never give their defence the fighting chance it requires. When choosing a London criminal barrister you have the option of choosing the barrister that you feel has the best experience handling cases as your own. You will get to meet your advocate of choice and get dedicated service during the preparation of your case and trial.

The criminal barristers will advise you about the evidence against you and clarify about any procedures you may not be clear about. In addition, they will keep you updated throughout the process of preparing for your defence. The greater your involvement, the less the likelihood of feeling alienated from the events that are taking place.

If you have an experienced criminal barrister and a powerful advocate by your side you will face any criminal proceedings confidently and give your case the fighting chance it needs.

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