There are so many reasons why its important to keep a clean workplace. It improves worker morale, health, reduces safety concerns, it boosts the reputation of the company too. It might not be a fun job to keep a business clean, especially if its a large one and one that produces a lot of waste however, there simply is no denying it, it has to get done.

It may come as a surprise to you that how you clean your workplace floor might actually be doing your team harm. Obviously, its not intentional, however, if the company is using strong commercial floor cleaners to get the job done then these may be inadvertently doing harm to the people who work there. For example, mopping the floor with bleach has been shown to drastically and dangerously increase the levels of chlorine gas in the air. Fresh air is vital for survival but, it goes deeper than that.

Most of the time the gas is barely noticeable which means that it is tolerable. Workers are able to carry on working in the presence of the gas due to it not being too obvious. Just because its not so obvious does not mean that it is doing no harm. On the contrary actually. Its the fact that it is able to go unnoticed that it is dangerous because everyone carries on as they normally would while breathing in the gas. Besides the dangers that long-term exposure to chlorine gas can cause, there are also immediate concerns that need to be taken into consideration. Having polluted air inside your workplace is going to significantly drop worker productivity and morale.

When floors are cleaned using cleaning agents like bleach, the bleach is not only limited to reacting on the floor surface. The bleach also reacts with the air that we breathe therefore contaminating it. The best way to avoid these types of situations is to completely avoid using dangerous chemicals to clean the floor. Understandably, there are some big messes that require a very strong solution however, it does not have to be bleach.

There do exist strong and nontoxic soaps and detergents that do not give off and off-gasses. When these cleaners are combined with the power of microfiber, their cleaning powers are amplified. Microfiber mops are able to clean in such a way that regular mops like cotton simply cannot and by utilizing microfibers cleaning power to clean floors, one can do away with harmful chemicals altogether.

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