Imagine getting an entire neighborhood buying all your product stock. That could happen with the help of the new every door direct mail service. This kind of mail service lets you send out advertising campaigns to the entire neighborhood for mere cents per mail piece. The cost is very low, and the returns are very high.

Using direct mail for advertising is an effective way to capture the customers’ interest and let them know about the new products or services you have. It’s a way to connect directly with your customers and potential customers without being too invasive like some ads on TV, print, and on the Internet.

Why Every Door Direct Mail?

Your target demographic or audience is likely to live in the same neighborhood for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons is because each person sees a lot of similarities between himself and the rest of the people in the neighborhood. Everyone who lives there could be first time homeowners, or couples with children the same age as their child. Their neighbor may be the same age as them, or have the same social background.

These similarities could mean that your target audience may be the entire neighborhood, and not just one person in the area. Sending your marketing campaign to every door in the neighborhood is a way for you to reach many different people with similar interests.

Another reason to use direct door email is a wider reach for a small price. Since the delivery team will not be delivering to many different locations, the cost is definitely lower. You get to reach out to a lot of people for just a few cents per mail.

Giving the same information to a large number of people in the same location also invites discussion about your ad or your product. Whenever people of the same location start congregating or meeting each other at the supermarket and other common areas, they may start talking about the ad that they received in the mail. Anyone who has used your product or service can provide his testimony of its effectiveness. Once the discussion starts rolling, people will become more curious about your product and hopefully, would want to try it out themselves.

Cons of Every Door Direct Mail

When you cast a big net as in the case of every door direct mail, you also expose yourself to the chance of reaching customers who will not like your service or product. This can be a small number of people, or a large number. It will depend largely on how you choose your target market. Make sure to choose wisely so you dont send mail to customers who are least likely to buy.


Every door direct mail is a cost-effective way to reach more people and tap potential customers. The similarities in location can indicate a similarity in background and interests. This widens your audience even more. Try every door direct mail and save big bucks on advertising costs.

The popularity of online shopping is incredible and it is only likely to increase in the coming years. So, here are a few reasons why online shopping is so great:

1. You can do online shopping at any time of the day. While more and more high street shops in major towns and cities are opening 24/7, the majority still close before 8 pm and don’t open again until 6 am at the earliest. Online stores, on the other hand, are open round-the-clock, 365 days a year. This means you can browse and buy items from sites like serendipity online sales whenever you like including at 2 am on a bank holiday Monday.

2. Online prices are generally much cheaper. This is because internet retailers do not have the same overheads as physical stores and they can pass on their overhead savings to their customers. You can often save more than 20% on the purchase price when you shop via the internet.

3. Free home delivery is another reason why online shopping has taken off. After all, who doesn’t want to have all of their purchases delivered directly to their doorstep at a time to suit? Indeed, many online stores now offer 2-hour delivery slots, so you can arrange your delivery for a time when you know you will be at home.

4. Online reviews are another reason why many people prefer internet shopping. On almost any product page in an e-store, you will see a section for customer reviews. Reading those reviews enables shoppers to learn more about items from the perspective of previous buyers. In contrast, in a brick and mortar store, you have to rely solely on the manufacturer’s description on the box when making your choice.

5. The web allows you to order from international suppliers, which means you have access to a much wider range of products. Expats typically love online stores, as they can order products they used to only be able to get in their home country.

6. Those that are not afraid of online auctions can often pick up some major bargains on platforms like eBay. Many auctions start from just 1p and if you bid at the right time, you can often get items for much less than the RRP. Just beware of getting into a bidding war with someone and spending more than you need to. Sellers face lots of competition on eBay, so it really is a buyer’s paradise.

7. In the past, many people avoided online shopping because returns were costly and a big hassle. Nowadays, most online stores offer hassle-free returns, as they will send you all the return labels you need and arrange courier collection from your doorstep.

Above we have only touched on a few of the reasons why online shopping is so popular. There are many more reasons. Just ask a few people you know what they like about internet shopping and you are sure to get tons of different answers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all your shopping online and there are still lots of benefits to shopping on the high street.