Whether it is a brand or users, the digital marketing platform that they prefer the most is the social media website, Facebook. The main reason why people and brands prefer Facebook, is because of its easy-to-use design, and the functionality of its app. There are countless advantages of using Facebook as a digital marketing platform, and brands should never ignore the opportunities that they can grab.

Access To Customers

There are Facebook users all over the world, and it is a social media platform that is well known. It businesses use Facebook for marketing purposes, then they can gain access to a large customer base. They can know certain details about customers like their location, age and sex, and this data can help them find out their target market and address them Learn More.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page allows brands to create a page that describes their business in the best way possible. The biggest advantage of having a Facebook page is that the brand has full control over what they post on the page and when. If they dont want customers to post on their page, or dont want a customer to see what the other one has posted, then they can restrict them as well. They have control over the content that customers see and they can influence their buying behavior. A Facebook business page can promote products effectively, and give a business more exposure and recognition.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has the ability to analyze what customers want and what their interests are and through this micro-targeting feature, brands can show ads to their exact target audience. With the help of Facebook, brands can be satisfied in knowing that their ad would be shown to the users, who are already interested in similar nature products. They would get a good return on investment, because they are reaching potential customers. However, if the brand gets their target market wrong, then Facebook ads wont be much help in increasing sales.

Grabbing Attention

Marketers need to create content that grabs the attention of users right away. There are so many brands selling products and services on Facebook, that a customer might miss an important post of the brand, because they scroll too much. An ad should be designed in a way that it doesnt get lost in all the noise, and a potential customer is able to pick it out from all the traffic on Facebook.

Website Promotion

The Facebook business page of a brand carries all the relevant and important information, like their location, contact number and website URL. This page gives a brand the chance to promote their website, improve traffic and get a better ranking in SERPs. Moreover, if a page is able to get more followers, likes and shares on Facebook, then people would be able to find it on Facebook page easily, too. The main thing is to stand out as compared to other brands, keep the customer engaged and to not let them forget that a brand exists on Facebook.

Despite the many benefits that Facebook provides brands, as a digital marketing tool, there are drawbacks that brands should consider.

Loss Of Privacy

Many users feel that their data is not safe on Facebook, because of research studies conducted on how Facebook spies on its customers. Due to this reason, many customers keep their profiles private or they have simply left Facebook to join other social media platforms that are more reliable. If a customer feels that a brand is getting their information from Facebook, then they might not trust the brand as well.

Lost In The Chaos

Facebook is a vast network and hosts many brands. If a brand isnt active or creative enough, then it can easily stay hidden in the shadows, away from the eyes of the customers. There is a lot of effort that is needed to run a Facebook account, because if users dont notice a Facebook account, does it even exist?

Loss Of Control

Brands wouldnt want to prevent their customers from commenting on posts, but there is so much competition on social media that it can be easy to predict the damage a disgruntled customer can do to a brands reputation. A competitor might hire someone to hurl abuses at a brand, saying their products or fake and their customer service is abusive, and the brand wont be able to do much damage control.

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