Tecademics is the new internet marketing college based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was established and launched in 2016 by Chris Record along with Jim Piccolo.
It is a combination of an internet marketing education college and an affiliate marketing company.

Tecademics currently offers five different tiers of product or training courses related to online marketing.

Firstly, they have the free Ambassador tier where you simply join as an affiliate and are able to promote the company and earn commissions. You get free access to a library of previous Chris Record training that Chris launched prior to Tecademics.

Secondly, you have the Entrepreneur Club which costs $100 per month and forms the entry level paid tier providing basic marketing training. This is a great way to find your feet in online marketing and prepare yourself for the next tier education level. There is great value for the price in the Entrepreneur Club tier.

Thirdly, you have the Impact Series costing $2,000 which focuses on core concepts of online marketing and is a recorded home study course. This is a more advanced course which still builds your foundation skills but takes you to the next level of marketing. Even advanced marketers would benefit from the Impact series.

Fourthly, TEC Week also known as ‘Masters’ costs $12,000 which is a 2 year tuition that can be attended on campus at Tecademics headquarters in Scottsdale. This is their advanced course which closely mimics a college or university experience. Rather than offering majors as at university, they offer various pathways and an accelerated learning system called their systematic path process (SPP). Although these calsses can be attended on campus, you can make use of recordings if you are unable to travel to Scottsdale.

Lastly, Tecademics just released the Incubator program with the current program called the Ecom Incubator costing $25,000 for a 1 year hands on training class focussed on creating and launching a successful eCommerce store with instructors available in class. There is a live workshop held in Scottsdale over 5 days. The Ecom Incubator course comes with a money back guarantee. Due to the small class numbers that they maintain to ensure personal attention for each student, one has to complete an application process to gain entry to this class.

The Tecademics affiliate program pays up to 40% commissions per course. There is an activation sale and two certification sales required for each tier to qualify for the 40% commission level.

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