Direct mail marketing has proven itself time and again. It remains to be one of the most viable marketing strategies in the face of the dominant internet marketing approaches.

Still, people need convincing evidence that direct mail indeed works. Are the stats released by the USPS proof enough for printing and mailing services to continue recommending the USPS service? You be the judge. Below are pertinent figures.

More than 50% of all mail sent was direct mail

The figure is taken from a 2011 report by the USPS, providing the strong basis that businesses do not put aside mail marketing as part of their programs. According to the organization, businesses use direct mail to improve response and return on investment. The direct mail that was sent, the report said, were over 84 billion pieces.

Direct Mail represents 12% of all advertising expenditures

In 2011, the agency recorded a 2.9% increase in expenses for direct mail, compared to that recorded in the previous year. The actual amount of money spent was a whopping $21 billion.

Over 81% of people scan or read their mail daily

Contrary to the popular notion that people are too busy to know who sends mail their way, the USPS assures businesses that in fact 81% do check their mail on a daily basis.

The challenge is for your business to get noticed. To make your mail stand out among the lot, work with an experienced mailing and printing service. They know exactly what to do with mail, so that it will surely get read by recipients. Formatting is one key. Content presentation is another.

Almost half of young people find mail to be useful

42 out of every 100 people aged 25 – 34 get to read their mail immediately, and find it useful. If your business is targeting the same age bracket, make sure that your mail directed to them provides information that these people can make use of. Make a good impression on your first attempt, so you can maintain or even increase your mails read rate in succeeding mailings.

79% of people prefer reading mail

Despite the supremacy of the Internet in terms of providing information, many still find going online less convenient than reading mail that come to their mailboxes. Research also revealed that a large percentage of the US population has no access to the Internet.

So with direct mail, youre not actually competing against the Internet. Looking from a positive vantage point, direct mail is your best tool to reach those who are drawn to reading mail, rather than surfing the net to get information.

To conclude, direct mail is a very powerful advertising medium. It has its own appeal over other media that you cant simply ignore, and you can use to your own advantage.

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