Printed business cards are one of the best ways to spread contact details about your company. While a business card lacks the space meant for product or service information, it looks professional and neat.

However, not all business people use their business cards the right way. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a printing company to make the cards ISNT the only deal. You have to check whats on the card, something that you as the entrepreneur are in charge of.

Its important that you establish a professional relationship with your customers. It doesnt matter if they are your loyal customers or new ones who just discovered your company. The establishment of this relationship starts with the power of the business card, which unfortunately, is often overlooked and left in the dust bin. That, or the entrepreneur simply doesnt have one.

Having the cards printed out every now and then may seem a tiring and tedious job, but the effects are boundless. A single card may be passed around and can reach a wider market. Customers who are interested in your product or service, yet do not have the time to sit with you and discuss this information, will get a card from your desk and come back when hes ready. This card is your link to your customers, and as with any printed material used in marketing, there are key principles worth keeping in mind.

1. Quality is important. Check the cards before you have them printed out. Check everything, from the content, to the design, to the actual paper material used. Will the card be laminated? Will it be printed on plastic or board? Should it have a glossy overcoat? All these questions pertain to how professional you want your card to look.

2. Dare to be different. As mentioned, your customer could receive several business cards in a day. What you need is a card that stands out, one thats unique in terms of color, design, and layout.

You can add your company logo. You can print your company name in elegant script, and you can even go beyond the conventional business card.

For example, add speech balloons or a rhetorical question for a more creative take on an otherwise stiff and too serious card. Dont be afraid to be creative with the content as well. Another example is to refrain from using a white background, as a lot of companies prefer that for their cards.

3. The card should reflect who you are and what your business is.
You can have an unconventional card, but dont hide under the frills to make up for what you lost in company details. Include your name, your title, and your business. No need to impress your customers with a really intimidating title, just include what they can easily remember.

4. Make it simple. Theres nothing worse than going overboard with content, design, and layout. Keep your elements to a minimum so that you dont overwhelm your customers. You can be creative without overkilling.

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