We are a professional translation service provider who provides business and legal translation services. Our solutions are utilized by many different types of companies and individuals. For example, some of our client?s companies are partnered with overseas companies, retain employees working abroad, hired foreign staff or have offices overseas. They need the services of a qualified legal and business translators. Every so often we provide legal translation services for attorneys here at home too.

Hiring a professional business or legal translation service
Legal and Business translation services are forced to be experts in a vast range of topics that relate to the law and business. For example, our team specialize in translating contracts, patents, deeds, immigration papers, affidavits, deeds and much more. ITU translation services has professional linguist on staff to cover all your language needs, call ITU translations today.

Why hiring a professional translation service is critically important?
Here is an example of a case of one of our clients. They are a large company who supplies goods to many various countries. In most of these countries English is not their first language and any legal or business documents are written first in the local language. The local courts will only honor the terms and conditions of the contract written in the local language. From previous experience this company learned a costly and valuable lesson about the need to employ a professional translation service. Now every single document they are asked to sign, is first sent to us and a we translate them, anything that might be considered open to interpretation will be highlighted and they can make any necessary changes.

Is there a difference between a Legal and Business translator?
Yes, absolutely. While a business translator needs to be an expert in two different languages, they do not necessarily need to be experts in the nuances of the laws of diverse range of countries too. Law translation on the other hand is a highly skilled profession. There is no margin for error in legal translations. Ambiguity is not something that is tolerated. The leading legal translators are specialists in their fields, and most are vastly experienced.

Why are legal translators expensive?
Legal translators are expected to study the languages and law, these qualifications are reflected in the cost of the services they charge. The actual costs will be determined by the complexity, length, and language you need for your documentation to be translated from. ITU always offers affordable translations

We are an ATA member and all you translators are ATA certified. This is significant for several reasons, foremost among those is that we can provide you with certified translations. This confirms that the primary document is a true copy, just in a various language. Most companies will only accept fully certified translations as being legally binding. We provide certifications services for both legal and business translations.

If you intend to do business abroad, it is most likely a good idea that your website is also translated into the language of the country where your potential clients reside, this is just one of the many solutions our team can help you with.

Are a company or an individual who need either a legal or business translations service? please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our team today. We consist of a team of experts who can provide both legal and business translations in over 150 languages. They will be only too delighted to support you.

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