These days if your brand is without an online marketing plan you are dead in the water. Brands these days need an online marketing strategy in order to promote products and services to acquire new customers both online and off.

Social media, search presence and display advertising all factor into brand presence. In order to acquire a larger audience and thus customers brands need to utilize online platforms with fitness as well as intent.

But where do you start? Which marketing strategy is best? Unfortunately the answer varies based on many factors including your niche and your goals as a small business. Each business has different needs – do you want a greater presence, more leads, or more customers? It takes research and understanding your market in order to determine the most effective strategy for your business at this point in time.

The good news is that you can easily tailer an online marketing plan directly to meet your goals. By utilizing a combination approach to your use of tools, social profiles and effective use of media the right marketing plan tends to fall in place naturally.

Of course there are a few basics one must understand when creating a digital marketing plan for your unique business setup. If you’d like to see your business grow both online and offline the good news is that it is very possible when you utilize an effective model defined by prior experience derived from research into your market.

Marketing is one of the most critical elements to any successful business. One of the first elements to look at is your social media presence.

Let’s take a look at a few current social media trends shall we?

Internet use is exploding all across the world, in fact internet use has more than doubled in the last few years alone. After the dot-com bubble burst in the 90s people were a bit leery of the internet and where it was headed. But that trend quickly went away as more and more companies realized the digital world was only just beginning.

Not only has marketing dramatically changed the way we consume content has as well. Media and entertainment has shifted from traditional print forms to exclusively digital forms faster than anyone would have predicted.

It’s also changed the way business owners need to think about their marketing objectives, strategies and implementations.

At the foundational level marketing has changed. Some say for the better, others may not agree, but change it has.

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