If you have been charged and convicted of a crime, that does not mean that the legal proceedings are finished. The fact is that criminal appeal barristers are trained to help you challenge the conviction and sentence received in a court of law. By finding and using the appropriate one for your case, you have the opportunity to have your conviction overturned.

There are several things that you need to be aware of when you are seeking a barrister to assist you with this aspect of the legal system. First of all, appeal barristers often specialize in this area of the law. For you, this might mean finding a different law firm to handle your case. Usually you can find information about any chosen barrister online. Try to find articles which mention areas of expertise, like this Times article about Michael Wolkind QC:


Many law firms today have several practitioners, each with their own area or areas of expertise. You can speak to your defense attorney to see if someone at their firm is better equipped to handle this part of your case. If not, you might need to find a new barrister who is capable of helping you challenge the verdict.

This does not mean that your attorney did a poor job or that you necessarily need to take them off the case altogether. The fact is that they can provide valuable insight into your case that will help your appeals barrister to present your case in the best possible way to the appeal court.

You might be able to have the conviction overturned if new evidence has come to light. This often happens in the case of criminal trials where witnesses or evidence was not available during the original trial. For instance, perhaps your alibi was out of the country and could not be found for the trial. In this case, your criminal appeal barrister will be able to use their testimony during the appeal to prove that you weren’t at the scene of the crime.

Although criminal appeal barristers charge a hefty fee for their services, the expense is well worth it. Obtaining your freedom, and the ability to work again, will allow you to earn the money necessary to pay for the fees. This is certainly a better alternative to spending months or even years in jail. Make certain to look into the reputation and record of the barrister you are considering to ensure that you have the best possible outcome during your appeal!

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