All the business owners cannot underestimate the power of marketing their content. It attracts and retains customers resulting in more profits. If you have a running YouTube channel with some great informational and recreational videos, but they are not getting enough attention, you will lag behind others. Doesn’t this sound relatable to you? Most of the companies face this issue, and they question themselves if this business was genuinely worth it.

Have you ever wondered why this is happening? The answer is that algorithms used in Google are different from those on YouTube. To put it into more simple words for your understanding, Even if you have an optimized website for Google search engines, it won’t be beneficial for your YouTube videos click here for more.

Just like the process of optimizing your websites, you have to optimize your videos with seo to make sure they can be discovered online by more users. As there is a cut-throat competition among the business of video content. You need to be sure to provide your users something different rather than only shooting and uploading videos.

If a video is well optimized for search engines, it will show up in results whenever a question is typed related to it on Google or YouTube. E.g., if you are searching what the best videos of 2019 in the Google search engine are, all the optimized videos will rank higher and show up in results. Using a smart seo strategy is the right decision by the owner of any YouTube channel.

Fortunately, dealing with seo is not difficult, as it may sound to some. If you want your videos to rank higher and show up in the top search results on both Google and YouTube, follow these simple steps mentioned below. Your videos will get due credit and will be getting the views they deserve.

Using The Right Keywords

You need to find out what people are searching for the most when it comes to videos or other information online. It will give you a better idea to choose the right keywords for your videos, and they will show up in the top search results. Decide for a particular niche and understand what your keywords should be, and you will gain more profits among less competition of rankings.

Wise Usage Of Keywords

The best idea is to find some right long-tail keywords for your uploaded videos. The usage of relevant keywords should be done liberally in your names of video files, titles, Meta descriptions, transcripts, and overall summarized content. The search algorithms will use the information you are providing, and they will provide the relevant content for your videos.

Create A Custom Thumbnail

A thumbnail that is attractive and eye-catching will attract the user’s attention, and they will click whenever it is shown in the search result. It will result in more profits for your business.

Increase Audience Interaction

Whenever you upload a video, be it fun or informative, it is always a good idea to provide a comment section for feedback. Your videos will show up at the top among search results when more people are engaged in interacting. It will increase the views and likes and embeds of your videos. People will share their loved videos with friends and others, raising the opinions which will result in better profits for you.

Good Promotion Of Videos

Embedding your videos on your website is a great idea to get the required attention. Nowadays, there is a trend of sharing videos on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it provides an excellent platform for sharing the videos you like. The owner of a YouTube channel can use the videos in newsletters and emails for marketing as well. The agenda behind this is to spread the word as much as possible. Do not shy away from putting some reasonable budget behind your unique vital videos. You will get success for sure if you are marketing your videos with a clear motive, wise message, CTA, and KPI.

Optimize The Title And Description

Whenever most of the users are browsing, catchy video titles get their attention quickly. The titles of your video should be attractive enough for people to click them in an instant. Additionally, add the targeted keywords; the same goes for the description and tags of your videos. The descriptions of YouTube videos are usually ignored by the teams when they are marketing. But they don’t realize its an essential factor when it comes to the rankings.

Upload Fresh And Engaging Videos

People are more attracted to the YouTube channels, which are providing new, relevant, engaging, and informative videos daily. If you follow this rule, your channel will probably rank higher in the YouTube algorithm, resulting in better profits.

Increasing Subscriptions

Uploading fresh and engaging videos on your YouTube channel is one way to get attention. Another tip is to increases the likes and views of your chain by encouraging your targeted audience to subscribe to your channel. If a channel has a good number of subscribers, it will

surely rank higher on the YouTube algorithm. A huge engaging community of subscribers can give your channel a good influence over your rivals.

Usage Of Closed Caption Feature

Using a single caption feature for your YouTube channel is another marvelous idea to attract more viewers. Close caption feature is a seo for youtube. This feature provides the viewer a chance to watch the video with ease irrespective of the surroundings. When more people are engaged and giving likes, comments, this will impact your seo ranking and provide better profits.

Be Consistent

For improving the rank of your channel or increasing the subscribers, the best way is to be consistent in uploading the videos. If your video content is unique, you can stay at the top by attracting more users daily. Keeping a content calendar for your YouTube channel is a must, and if you give rewards to your community by uploading your videos regularly, they won’t be going anywhere. If more audience sticks to your channel, it will result in higher profits.

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