Texting is one of the most convenient ways of keeping in touch with your customers. You can communicate in a quick and effective manner with millions of people so that they are always up to date with your latest news and with your best promotions. However, sending an SMS to each customer or prospect in your database might take you a very long time, so you have to find a better solution to message a large number of people with only a few clicks. Besides, using a computer is more convenient and much faster than using a mobile phone for such things. In addition, by using email, you can craft your campaigns in such a manner that your customers are going to be waiting for your messages, as you are going to know exactly when to hit them for the best response rate.

By using an email to SMS software solution, you can benefit from several functions that can help increase the satisfaction of your customers. You can send each of them a personalized message, thus making them feel more important. You can also schedule your SMS campaigns in such a way that all messages reach the recipients at the best possible time of the day. If you send them something when they are asleep or during work hours, they may not even read your messages. This would be a waste of time, effort and money. Moreover, if your recipients are at work, they may be disturbed by the incoming message alert, so it’s best to pick your times very carefully. This is why you need to do a thorough consumer research prior to planning such direct marketing activities. SMS messages are awesome, but only when they are sent out at the right time.

The good thing about sending email to sms is that you can schedule it to reach people when they are ready and willing to read and take action. In addition, they are all going to receive the messages at the same time. This feature wouldn’t be possible without a specialist software or a special service to help you transform your emails into text messages.

Even if some of your recipients are outside the network coverage area or they have their mobile phone switched off, your messages are going to be delivered as soon as their phones become operational again. When they are going to see new messages, the first impulse is going to be to check their inbox to read them. This is how you can have response and opening rates that approach 100%. This means you will have more chances with some of these people who will follow your sales funnel up to the point where they become your paying customers. This is what all business owners and managers would like to see, but not all of them know what it takes to get there. You have to be smart and use technology to your advantage. This would enable you save time and money, and your customers appreciate you more.

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