If you have been convicted of a crime, you should consider filing an appeal to seek either the reduction of the sentence or its reversal. However, appeals can only be filed if you provide sufficient grounds for warranting one. Here are the 4 instances when you need an appeals barrister to help you win your appeal.

1. New Witnesses Have Come Forward

Testimonies from witnesses usually hold much weight in court. Witnesses help in the corroboration of evidence along with the events surrounding the case. Luckily, witnesses can come forward at any stage of the case. In most cases, those that were previously hesitant to make statements are the ones that get a change of heart and agree to give their testimony. If you can get such witnesses, it is possible to file an appeal and even get your sentence revoked or reviewed.

2. New Evidence Has Emerged

Criminal cases are typically built on lots of evidence. Evidence is what makes the bulk of the case for both the prosecution and defense. Luckily, no case can ever have too much evidence. New evidence can always emerge even years after the alleged crime has happened. If such evidence ever comes to light, it is possible to file an appeal and get your sentence revoked or reduced or the entire case thrown out.

3. Proof Of Prosecution Errors

Elaborate and precise procedures are supposed to be observed in all criminal cases. During the course of the case, both the defense and prosecution have to abide by a particular set of guidelines. If the prosecution breaks some of the set procedures e.g. by coaching of witnesses or tampering with evidence, it is possible to use such information to file an appeal seeking to have your sentence overruled. If the prosecution made grave errors that undermine the case, you could get another trial or even walk away free.

4. New Witness Testimony Has Come To Light

Witnesses that have previously given testimonies that resulted in your conviction can sometimes get a change of heart and come forward with a different statement that can help your appeal. It could be information they stumbled upon, something they heard, or just something they saw. If the new statement overrides the previously given evidence that resulted in your conviction, you have very high chances of winning your appeal.

Final Thoughts

The four instances discussed in this article are when you need an appeals barrister the most. If you have been convicted of a crime and any of the 4 conditions above apply to your case, contact your appeal barrister to formulate your strategy. You can find out more about one of the most famous UK appeal barristers, Michael Wolkind QC on this legal bio page

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