A companys website can be used as a digital marketing tool, because of the exposure that it gives to the company. When a company shares its card, or make an online social media profile, they always include the URL of their website, so that people can visit it to get more information about them. Before a company shares its URL, they should make sure that the URL is simple and can be easily retained by customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps a website move up to the top of Googles ranking. For this, a brand has to create content, post it on their website or create a blog on the website. Whoever visits their website, would be able to see the content, read it and promote it. As a website is a one stop for all information about a company and its products, then driving traffic towards it through SEO, would increase the conversion rate, and give the company more customers.

Building Relationships

Digital marketing is about building relationships with customers, and a website helps in this aspect. Those online marketing who like the website would share it with their friends, using the URL of the website. When visitors come to a website, it gives the company a chance to engage with them, and turn them into repeat customers. They can do this by posting quality content, describing their products and services well, and having a chat option, which would allow customers to interact with the company and get an answer for their queries.

Engagement With Customers

A website allows a company to engage with customers directly, and motivate them to visit their website every now and then. They can post riddles for customers, announce contests or quizzes, which they can take part in everyday. In return, the company could give them a voucher number or extra benefits when they buy their products or services. This way, customers would stay engaged with the company, visit their website, and get new information about what the company is doing.

Social Media Links

When an SEO copywriter or a blogger posts something on a website, and a user likes it, he can share it on social media websites. Social media sharing gives websites more traffic and increases their conversion rate. However, social media sharing should be made possible by webmasters; if a user isnt able to find social media icons on an article, wont be able to share it, and then the website wont receive much exposure.

Primary Source Of Information

In digital marketing, customers want to know accurate information about products and services. A website can be treated as a primary source of information, which means that if a customer wants to confirm something about a product, then he can directly visit the website. Even if announcements are made on social media about certain things, the press releases that are found on websites are more informative and accurate. A companys website is not just a URL, but a source through which a company can increase the number of its customers.

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