Furnace or heating systems are good investment that home owners in Calgary. Wen looking for a Furnace Calgary you would want to take well care of so as to serve for a long time. There are licensed heating specialists that are readily available to render professional advice and services but there are some warning signs that should be monitor by the home owners.

Be aware that that most furnaces or heating appliances are manufactured on similar principles and it is very likely that they would exhibit similar warning signs. These signs would help to know the condition of the furnaces irrespective of its size, shape and brand. It will also help to know the right step to take in solving the problem or fault it may likely lead to.

The most common signs of natural furnaces are listed below:

Frequent outages of pilot light. There are some that doesnt have pilot lights
Ignition delayed. Check your manual to clarify if yours is meant to be delayed.
Flame that is wavering or yellowish in nature.
When there is excessive corrosion or soot on the furnace or vent system. The soot could be in black, white or brown streaks
When you experience too much or little heat When there is either sulfur or rotten egg odor. The smell could be either continuos or intermittent. At times the sharp odor may cause irritation to eyes.
When you or any member of the household is experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as headaches, lethargy, nausea.
When you notice scorch marks on the door or other opening in the household.

Most of these sign are indications that something is wrong with your furnace or heating appliance.

The most hazardous of these signs is when you smell gas or discover a gas leak, make a call to a licensed specialist to schedule a repair to it.

In a situation whereby the pilot light goes out: almost all natural gas furnaces are designed in such a way that pilot lights will automatically shut off if the pilot goes out. To relight the pilot, consult your manufacturers manual, and if you couldnt do it turn off the manual valve in the gas supply to the furnace and schedule appointment with a qualified and licensed technician.

If you notice other signs as enumerated above, it is paramount that to immediately call qualified and licensed to resolve the issues. Furnace that is not working very well will not only cause discomfort but may cause serious safety and health related risks.

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