When a user is surfing a website, and he hovers his cursor on a specific part of the web page, an ad suddenly appears and wont stop unless it is closed, or there is a certain time limit attached to it. These are pop-up ads and even though they serve the purpose of advertising in digital marketing, they are not liked by customers. Pop-up ads have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered before a company makes a decision about using them. Read more at gazettereview.com Miami SEO.

Attention Grabber

Pop-Up ads are very effective in grabbing a users attention. When a user is focused on browsing a website, and he suddenly sees an ad right in the front of the screen, there is no way that he can ignore that ad. If the ad is appealing and contains call-to-action, then a customer might think about making a purchase.

Customization Of Ads

How the ad is structured and at what point the user sees an ad, is completely up to the marketer. A marketer can customize the ad, however they see it fit; they can consider the target audience that visits their website, and then come up with interesting elements for the pop-up ads. Pop-up ads dont have to be for promotional purposes only; they can be in the form of a survey, asking a user for feedback on one of the products that they have tried, or how they came to know about the website they are visiting. Such pop-up ads allow marketers to engage with customers, and convince them to browse the section of products, which would interest them, the most.

Increases Curiosity

When a user sees a pop-up ad, it might increase his curiosity about what the pop-up ad is about. He would click on it, only to explore it further, and it would lead him another web page, within the website; this would increase the traffic to those web pages that dont get much traffic otherwise.

Despite pop-up ads having a positive impact on the traffic of a website, there are few things that would make a marketer think again, before using them.

Annoying & Irritating

If a customer is browsing a website, and is trying to find something important, but he is interrupted due to a pop-up ad, then he wont give a second glance to it and close it right away. A marketer, in this situation, should make sure that pop-up ads only appear when the person is not browsing the website or has been idle for a while. They take attention away from the sites quality content.

Forced Advertisements

Pop-up ads often make users feel that they are being forced to watch an advertisement, and such a feeling leads to bad user experience. Pop-up ads make a user feel like if they dont see the ad, then they wont be able to browse the website. Pop-up ads hurt the reputation of a brand and a website, and such websites dont see returning visitors.

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