Ever wonder how those unprecedented websites pop up on Google searchs first page when you are searching some keywords/information. This is where the art of SEO kicks in, thanks to all the agencies and companies around the globe, helping these websites to build up there repo through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Is Seo? twelveskip

Search Engine Optimization is the process through which you increase the traffic on your website, through organic search results. This is done by raising the quality and quantity of your website content on internet, which then helps your websites pop up on those front pages of search engines. SEO does not involve direct visitors, or visits through paid advertisement etc. Rather it focuses on unpaid/natural ways of increasing your websites traffic through organic search results.

Tips To Ensure Fast And Smooth Seo Ranking

Now we know why every small to large industry focuses on internet marketing strategy especially, Search Engine Optimization. But not all websites are guaranteed to succeed. Following are a few helpful tips to make sure your SEO process go faster and smoother.

No One Likes Waiting

Imagine asking your friends to come up for a dinner party at your house. You are excited and want more and more friends to show up. Everything goes according to the plan and as many as 15 friends showed up. But then you find out your wife have only cooked dinner for 5. What will happen? Many of your friends will leave without dinner and probably would never return to your invitation for a dinner again. Same will happen if you are looking for search engine optimization for your website, but your website is not optimized to cope with a large number of traffic. Visitors will probably look for alternates rather than waiting for your webpage to open.

Is Your Website Secure?

Still running the website on HTTP? Get the more secure version of the HTTP web protocol that is HTTPS. HTTPS makes sure your visitors are secure and it is also preferred by Google, in its ranking. This is very much reflected on Google Chrome browser. Websites with HTTP web protocol are marked unsecure on the browser.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Phone Users

Do you know that 57% of web traffic comes from mobile internet? I am sure, you do. Most of us prefer browsing internet on mobile phones. This is why Google considers it as an essential part of its ranking. Make sure you have a mobile friendly website, so users from mobile phones can find it easier to browse through your website. Make sure you have the right type of font size for mobile phone users.

Fix Any Broken Links

A website with broken links looks like an old deserted house. The last thing you want on your website are broken links. Imagine a visitor browsing on your website and finds out that some, or most of the pages ends up with ERROR 404 or PAGE NOT FOUND. Go through your website, check out each tabs. Make sure there is no broken links. There are also many tools available on internet that can check for broken links on your website.

Ease Of Your Content

How many times have we heard the word GLOBAL VILLAGE? Many times, indeed. All we have been hearing is how the telecommunication and technology has changed the world into a global village. How does it affect your SEO ranking? This simply tells us that we will probably have visitors from around the globe and from all walks of life. Do you have content which is friendly and easy to understand? Or your website is filled with basic grammatical errors? You should never under or overestimate your visitors. Make sure your content is easily understandable, error free and articulated.

Quality And Writing Technique

Make sure, information in your website should be fresh, in context and based on resent researches. Your content should not be dull or redundant. Your visitors should get the best possible knowledge regarding there queries/searches.

Dont write never-ending sea of text. But short articulated paragraphs with headings and proper layout. Every information should be under the proper sub headings. This helps users, to navigate through the information they are looking for. It also makes your text more attractive, and easily understandable.

Optimizing Your Images

Images play a vital role in making your website more attractive and understandable. Make sure you have excellent quality images, with right size and format. Images can impact the speed of your website, so they need to be optimized accordingly.

Make sure you add up captions and relevant keywords on yours images which are more relevant on searches. For example, if you are selling 3d shirts, add keyword like best before your products. Such as, best 3d shirts.

Use Different Methods Of Multimedia To Interact With Customers

Use all the methods of multimedia to engage with your visitors. Text, videos, audios and images. A human mind processes a video much faster than text. Make sure your website is balanced with all sorts of multimedia. You never know, which visitor prefers what type of multimedia channel.

Social Media Sharing

We know how something spreads like a fire in social media. All it takes is a click on share tab. So why not add tabs for sharing your website content on social media?

All content on your website should be added up with a social media sharing tab. Sharing on social media also helps improve your SEO ratings. Apart from that, your organization should be active on all social media platforms, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc.

Contact Us

You can also optimize your Contact us page for SEO benefits. Like adding maps, for direction to your office, from Google. This will help in area specific searches. You can also place a video of CEO, with keywords. Contact us page is also the door to new business. Have active contact information for your organization. Add up as many channels of communication as you can. Phone, email, fax, etc.

Website with more contact links tends to leave not just a positive experience on the visitors, but it can help generate more business or possible leads.


You will be able to find more and more guides on internet, with regards to SEO ranking. Depending on how Google and other search engines keeps on updating their SEO ranking policy. Just remember, it will be updated keeping in mind the visitors convenience, relevancy and ease of access.

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