Hydraulic cylinders have a wide range of applications, from adding suspension to vehicles to allowing construction equipment to lift heavy items. Hydraulic cylinders usually rely on oil or on another similar fluid to get their power. These parts need to be maintained and replaced since they can go through a lot of wear and tear.

Even though hydraulic cylinders are designed to last for years, smaller moving parts such as rings and seals can become damaged. The piston and cylinder barrel can sometimes still look in good shape but worn out rings and seal might become too damaged for the hydraulic cylinder to work properly.

It is important to inspect hydraulic cylinders regularly and to pay attention to their small moving part. It is possible to avoid hydraulic cylinder replacement by simply maintaining these cylinders, for instance by adding oil when needed.

If a cylinder looks damaged or is no longer working properly, you should think about replacing it. Hydraulic cylinder replacement is something you cannot put off if a cylinder is damaged since this could lead to the machinery no longer functioning properly and could also increase wear and tear on the other parts. Replacing a hydraulic cylinder should be a priority for safety reasons as well.

You need to start by finding the right replacement part. There are two different types of cylinders, including single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders. Single acting cylinders have a simpler design since the fluid only acts on one end of the piston. Double acting hydraulic cylinders are typically used in steam engines and similar machinery.

Once you know what kind of hydraulic cylinder is needed, find out more about the specs of the part that needs to be replaced. You need to figure out the bore diameter, the rod diameter, the retraction and the stroke of the cylinder so that you can pick the perfect replacement part.

If you need to replace a hydraulic cylinder on a machine, you should refer to the documentation for this piece of equipment. You should be able to find all the specs you need to find a new hydraulic cylinder. Contact the manufacturer if you cannot find the information you need.
You can purchase a new hydraulic cylinder from the manufacturer of your equipment if they offer spare parts. However, you can easily replace a cylinder with a part from a different manufacturer as long as the specs are compatible. If you have any doubts, it is best to contact the seller or manufacturer of the part you are interested in to ask a few questions.

Replacing a hydraulic cylinder is fairly easy since all you have to do is remove the old part and install the new one. However, accessing the old cylinder might require you to disassemble some other parts. It is important to work safely and to contact a professional repairman if you are not confident that you will be able to install the new hydraulic cylinder properly or if you do not have the right tools to replace this part.

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