Website design has changed tremendously over the years. The design concepts involved in it have evolved tremendously. The very first webpage was a blank page with black text. No color was used, or graphic, and it even took several years for images and photographs to come online. By the 1990s, we finally managed to get pictures and colored texts. It was closer to the turn of the millennium that websites finally had drawings, pictures, and colored fonts.

So why all these changes? Some believe that the internet gave naturally creative designers a platform to create beautiful things. Furthermore, people started to understand that you could run a business using the internet, which in turn increased demand for design professionals. Because there was such a huge boom in demand for professional designers, they could pretty much set their own salaries. Designers go to work with HTML, DHTML, and Flash but quickly found the table design to be too limiting. Demand for beauty and originality was also up, so something more fluid had to be created.

That development was the Cascading Style Sheets. No web designer today will be able to make a name for themselves without being knowledgeable about this. Cascading Style Sheets are hugely popular because they have simplified the way designers can add pictures, graphics, and text, no longer needing them to write complex pieces of code. Thanks to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), web designers are now able to create beautiful websites that perfectly mar the pictures with the text. Content is one of the most important things within the world of website design now. Nowadays, filling up a website with flashy moving gifs no longer grabs anybody’s attention. Today’s websites are all about the content, and images are only added later and if relevant. Nowadays, a website is a type of virtual handshake, whereby you can make a positive first impression on people.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but you are looking at having a website, you should join forces with a professional designer. You must not underestimate the amount of work that a website design company will do for you on issues such as design, content, layout, colors, search engine optimization, and more. Thankfully, the internet has made it reasonably easy to find just such a person. After all, their website will be their calling card, telling you exactly what they are capable of.

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