However much an individual might be an expert in SEO but it is important for them to view some of SEO tutorials so that they can be able to improve their skills. There are some tutorials which are paid for while others are being offered for free. An individual should select the five free SEO tutorials which include the following:

Google SEO guide for starters

This is a very good tutorial for those people who do not understand anything about SEO. It provides them with nice introduction to the concepts of SEO and enables an individual to do nice grounding for the sake of their success in SEO. It covers basic information and enables an individual to learn how they can improve the visibility of their site.

SEO tutorial for beginners

This is yet another tutorial that is structured for the sake of those who want to get basic information about SEO. This tutorial majorly focuses on white hat tactics which an individual can use to succeed. It has been subdivided into different parts to enhance easy understanding when a person starts using it. Apart from this, it also comes with nice educative and high quality videos that an individual can gain skills from to get things done.

Guide to keyword search

This is a nice tutorial that enables an individual to search keywords successfully. It shows the ranking of certain keywords on different websites. This is a tutorial that enables an individual to realize that SEO is based on keyword and therefore understanding various aspects that are related to keywords will give one an upper hand in managing their site. It gives one a chance to learn more about long keywords and how to play around with keywords so that one can get maximum benefit from SEO.

Nineteen keyword research process

This is a tutorial that provides one with important steps they can use to search for a certain keyword. This tutorial has several links to important tools that will be helpful to an individual who is interested in SEO. The aim of the tutorial is to provide one with a step by step procedure of getting things done when searching for a keyword.

A person who goes for this tutorial will not only learn about searching keywords but will also come across important links to the tools that one can use. It provides one with the way of doing things and what to use to get things done.

White hat SEO case study

This is a tutorial that aims at informing an individual about the white hat SEO tools that a person can use.

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