The calm after Hurricane Irene in Brooklyn

29 Aug

By Amy Schroeder

I live in a Zone B, on the edge of a Zone A (aka the “leave-immediately” territory) of Brooklyn, near lower Manhattan. After being holed up for two days (and being extremely productive in my apartment, to pass the time, because all we experienced was a lot of rain), I went for a walk in the Ft. Greene/Downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights area of Brooklyn, and here’s what I saw…

Even Ryan Gosling looks banged up in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in New York.




This tree’s not doing so hot (on Jay Street, near Tillary)


This tree is doing waaaay worse. The next few photos are various angles of the uprooted tree that fell onto a building across the street.


This is in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.


Here’s the root of the tree.


And here’s the building on which the tree landed. I don’t know what happened to the people who live there.

This ear of corn is looking a little out of sorts.

Nearby, the windows are taped up at local businesses.


But that doesn’t stop New Yorkers from playing soccer (at Cadman Plaza) in Brooklyn.

…And running on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, in crazy-ass winds.

...Because we all wanted to get a glimpse of lower Manhattan.


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