There are three parts to the Tecademics Compensation Plan. Firstly, you have the affiliate program itself which pays a maximum of 40% commissions on all products and then you have the Matching Millions bonus program.

The affiliate program has an interesting twist to it which brings the third part into play. It is combined with a MLM type tiered membership level with uplines and downlines which adds tremendous leverage. To qualify for maximum commissions, an affiliate has to be activated and certified. I will just refer to this as being qualified going forward, but your first sale is your activation sale which makes you elligible to receive 20% commissions and then your next 2 sales are your certification sales after which you are qualified and elligible for the full 40% commissions. The qualification process is required at each product level. They currently have five product levels with varying prices and resulting commissions. There are some really high ticket products which pay out up to $10,000 per sale!

The four paid product levels are Entrepreneur Club which costs $100 per month, Impact which costs $2,000, TEC Week which ccosts $10,000 and Ecom Incubator which costs $25,000. The Ambassador program is free and does not have any products for sale. It is just a free membership which allows you to promote the Tecademics products as an affiliate once you are qualified for a product.

The Matching Millions bonus program is a good one! Once you join Tecademics, you have a 36 month window within which to reach the bonus qualifying milestones. Once you achieve your first $100,000 in affiliate commissions, Tecademics will bonus you $100,000. So you atually earn $200,000 when you reach that target. When you reach your first $1 million in sales commissions (including the $100,000 bonus that you received), they will bonus you $1 million so you have effectively earned $1.2 million so far.

There are also various ‘comfort’ packages that they will be bonusing too like exotic vacations but the other really exciting bonus is the sports car raffle that occurs every six months. Every six months, Chris Record purchases a new sports car that he uses for marketing and then he gives it away at one of the Tecademics events in a raffle. For every $100,000 that you have earned in commissions, you get one ticket in the draw for the car. The first car given away was a BMW i8 which was won by Miles and Sonia Segars of the Four Percent Group.

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