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Maker’s Row simplifies “Made in the USA” for small businesses and rakes in angel investors

21 Jan

DIY BUSINESS OF THE WEEK (1/21/13): Matthew Burnett and Tanya Menendez started with a simple idea–to make great accessories in the USA—but found that manufacturing in America was a lot harder than it sounded. They wanted to fix that. The duo teamed up with technical lead Scott Weiner, raised $75,000 in angel funding, and created Maker’s Row, a site that connects small businesses with the American manufacturers who can serve them best.

Punk Rope shows how business success is like a New Year’s resolution to get in shape

14 Jan

DIY BUSINESS OF THE WEEK (1/14/13): Personal trainers Tim Haft and Shana Brady turned a children’s game into a serious business with Punk Rope. And the same principles that grew a robust community in gyms and playgrounds around the country have been essential in creating a thriving business out of the gym too: patience, dedication, and of course, lots of fun.

Don’t get emotional

5 Aug

So this is about the best piece of business advice we’ve heard all day: Emotions and business don’t mix. DIY businesses in particular are bound to think with their hearts—we are the passionate entrepreneurs, after all—but just think of some of the damage you could do. Read more down-and-dirty advice in Neil Patel’s “10 Mistakes [...]