DIY Business Association creates 1st subsidiary: Smarter Upstarter Content

8 Oct

By Amy Cuevas Schroeder

Do you have an awesome business—but not a whole lot to show for it on your web site?

Or maybe you have a beautiful bud of a business idea—but you can’t quite nail the concept in concrete language.

Enter Smarter Upstarter.

I created this content strategy and development company especially for the next big things in small businesses.

As a subsidiary of the DIY Business Association, Smarter Upstarter’s expertise is in crafting engaging content for startups, one-person operations and small businesses that have been around the block but need a brand recharge.

Our services include:

  • About pages
  • Biographies
  • Taglines
  • Banner ad copy
  • Editing
  • Posters, pamphlets and fliers
  • Social media campaigns
  • Email newsletters
  • Blog strategy and writing

You know what they say—when it comes to good marketing, content is king.

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