In today’s highly competitive world, it is imperative that you use strong marketing strategies. Although being successful involves building good and solid relationships using social media, having a strong sales and marketing team, and offering customers an outstanding product or service, a great search engine strategy is a crucial part of your marketing mix. Without SEO, reaching the targeted audience and converting leads will be a major challenge.

Important Considerations.

When it comes to SEO, there are several important considerations. For one thing, you have different opportunities. In other words, in making SEO a crucial part of your marketing mix, there are various opportunities such as well-written content using the highest ranking keywords and phrases, incorporating the right inbound and outbound links, and choosing a compelling title for articles and blogs.

Something else to consider, the guidelines set by search engines for SEO continually change. A prime example is the recent change made by Google to its algorithms. Although desktop computers are still in use, every day millions of people conduct research and purchase products and/or services using some type of mobile device, including smartphone, tablet, iPad, and laptop.

Prior to Google updating its search engine algorithm, websites were not designed to accommodate mobile users. Therefore, Google mandates change whereby online businesses must be in compliance or there is real risk of losing business and perhaps even failing altogether. When using SEO as a crucial part of your marketing mix, you need to remember these two factors.

Reasons for Investing in Search Engine Optimisation


In reality, SEO strategies are still effective, especially for local small businesses. Organic traffic from Google still works incredibly well. The goal is to maintain focus on the optimal users experience.

Local Business Solutions

Just as SEO works today, it will continue to work in the future. In looking at new developments among different search engines, there is little chance that SEO will cease to exist. Local newcastle seo agency Zac Dillon, have shown this technique to work incredibly well for small and large businesses across Australia.


SEO as a crucial part of your marketing mix is also cost-efficient. Especially when comparing the financial investment for other forms of online marketing such as social media, buying leads, and PPC advertising, Organic search engine traffic is far more affordable.

Market Share.

Another reason that SEO is so critical for marketing purposes is that a greater amount of market share is being grabbed by search engines. In fact, as much as 90% of customers spend time looking at online reviews before buying. With that number expected to rise, everyone will soon be looking for products and/or services online. Having sound SEO strategies in place, potential and existing customers will have an easier time locating your business, which equates to more sales and greater revenue.

The Bottom Line.

To survive the online world of business, you must have the right marketing methods in place.This is essential for maintaining the customers that you already have but also growing the business. Ultimately, adding SEO as a crucial part of your local marketing mix will give you a huge advantage for achieving success.

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