Do you have a very limited amount of space to work within your office? How would you like to increase that workspace? Getting a spacious office usually comes with a huge price. For a start-up company, the amount of money put into renting a large space could be better off allocated for equipment or purchasing inventory. Still, you cant escape the fact that you have to provide a proper working area for your people within the office space that you have for now. People simply need seats and desks to become productive.

This leads us to the question: Have you ever considered getting a corner desk, instead of a regular desk, to maximize your office space? Studies show that most wasted space in an office can be blamed on improper assessment of the workspaces and incorrect assignment of desks. There is too much wasted space between the desk and the wall if you have regular desks that face away from the wall, instead of towards it. This is the usual setup for desks and it does have a practical reason behind it.

Most people wouldnt consider getting a corner desk as their main working table for image purposes. If youre a CEO of a big company, getting a corner desk as your main working area wont really help your image as a power player in your company. So lets agree on a basic desk setup. If the person is expected to deal with customers face to face, the ideal desk is a conventional one, which should face away from the wall, instead of towards it. Thus, a corner desk isnt the right one for people like CEOs, receptionists, account managers and others.

However, for those who handle administrative tasks with only limited interaction with external customers, the use of corner desks is not only a practical solution to increasing workspace, but also a very logical one. By placing the managers desk in the center of the workspace and using corner desks for everyone else, it is easy to monitor the work done at a glance. Everyone may have their back towards you, but their monitors will always be in plain sight, giving you an easier time checking what they are working on in a cursory manner.

In the interest of maximizing space, take a look at your office as a huge cube that you can divide into smaller cubicles. If you have a regularly shaped office, lets say a square room, then you have four corners to work with. Thats four corner desks in one room and theoretically, enough space for a central command workstation in the center of the room.

Since we can only assume the size of the office, the placement of these corner desks, opened up space for one more table, instead of just having four conventional desks in one office space. You can further improve this space saving tip if you actually take the time to measure the office space and line up the walls with more desks along the walls in between the corner desks.

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