Do you have a calling from God? Being a Christian life coach is all about making sure you are making a difference in the Kingdom of God and at The Coaching Connector many Christian Coaches, Business Coaches and Life coaches are sharing ideas, debating techniques and helping clients .

Go on a journey.
Being a Christian life coach has many responsibilities. It’s a fairly new role and the main thing you need to do is to make sure your faith with God is always in the middle of your coaching relationship.

Make a difference.
A life coach makes a difference in the Kingdom of God! They help people find out what they want to do with their lives. They lead people on the right track, to be motivated. They believe in everyone and never giving them up when times are down. They pray for everyone constantly and help them build their basic foundations in life.

A Christian life coach is similar to a personal trainer by helping people with the transition of their lives or targeting a specific objective. They encourage people on what to do and lead them on the right direction. They also act as an advisor with difficult problems and help them change for the better. The only difference is that Christian spirituality is always present in their coaching.

Be strong.
As of the moment, life coaching does not have clear objectives as a occupation. But no worries, God has given you everything for you to face on any challenges that you face. You can perfect your abilities and skills to improve growth and development. You would be improving your work-life balance. Reflect on your day-to-day activities and give insights to people. Always remember God is always there to support us.

Start researching on it.
Do your research. Being a life coach can be a bit vague at first but once you research more on it, the better your understanding on what a professional Christian life coach is. If you’re lucky, you can interview and converse with other life coaches in your area and find out more about what they do and how they got started.

Does it require learning or training?
There are many trainings or programs that you can participate and sign up. You can either pick your trainings with a professional trainer or at a school. Make sure it meets the requirements of the International Coach Federation, as it is recommended that you participate in a genuine training program for you to get certified. It is required to have a minimum of 60 hours to be credited as an Associate Level Coach through the ICF or the International Coach Federation.
The learning doesn’t stop there. Once you get certified and graduate, you can be credentialed. Once you become accredited, you are considered as being licensed counselor.

Just like a doctor, once you become a coach, you can choose what your specialization is. It could be about family, relationships, marriage or even business. It depends on what you’re familiar with and what you can offer to other people.

Spread the word.
Once you’re ready to be a life coach, let the world know and make a difference to people one by one. With the help of your family and friends, you should be able to promote your services to others. It’s usually best if you start with free seminars at church or even go online to find your target audience. Remove your nervousness and trust in God and his plans for you.

If you want to be a Christian Life Coach, just remember that you just need to utilize and apply everything that God has given to you. It’s how you develop your talents and being able to help others. According to 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “We are called to encourage one another and build each other up.” Being a Christian life coach is amazing and life-changing. Be one today and make a long-lasting difference in the world.

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