If you’re interested in using direct mail advertising to promote your business, Every Door Direct Mail is one option that you can explore to make your campaign more affordable. EDDM is a program of the US Postal Service that allows you to send out direct mail at discounted postage rates.

You dont need a mailing list, since you’re targeting all the people within a particular ZIP code. The EDDM online mapping tool allows you to locate in which geographical area your target audience is located, based on demographic factors such as age and income. You can then have your mailers sent to all the residential mailboxes within that ZIP code.

How do you know if direct mail is the right choice for your business? Here are some of the things to consider:

Are you targeting a niche audience? In general, the more focused you are on a particular audience, the better the results youll get from direct mail marketing. For instance, if you’re running a car shop that specializes in vintage cars, youll probably be more successful using direct mail than email.

EDDM can help you find your target audience by identifying the ZIP code in which people who fit your desired demographics live. Thus, youll know where to send your mailings to achieve the best results.

Do you need to provide a lot of information? If you need to communicate detailed information to customers, direct mail is the best choice. With a piece of printed material, you have enough room to give an overview of your business, describe your products and services, tell customers why they should choose you, provide some company history, and offer a special promotion.

EDDM gives you the option to choose the size of your flat mailer that best meets your requirements. Your options range from more than 10.5 inches long, or more than 6.125 inches high, to a maximum of fifteen inches long to twelve inches high. This provides you with a lot of flexibility to create the most effective mailing piece.

Do you have the budget to sustain a campaign? While direct mail advertising is surprisingly affordable, the costs will still add up over time. Is your promotional budget sufficient to keep your campaign going until you get the results you want?

EDDM can cost as little as $0.178 per piece, and you can send up to 5,000 mailings a day for a particular ZIP code. This translates to $890 per day. While this may seem expensive compared with a comparable email marketing campaign, you may get a better return on your investment.

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