Charity is an act of great sacrifice, graciousness, piousness, nobleness, compassion, forgiveness and one of the virtuous qualities for absolving one’s hardships. One who offers charity feels the pinch of issues of others as his/ her

Some of these charities are empathy, land contribution, material charity, charity of cow, charity of maiden, donation of organs after death, education, charity for peace and charity for food which is the most pious service to the poor
and people in need.

Charity given to a person in need for education is a permanent one as it gets rid of one’s lack of knowledge. Charity of education is offered in secrecy as education and intellect cannot be taken, being concealed treasures, and is handy
even when one does not possess money.

Blood donation to save some one’s life is likewise a supreme act in the service of humanity. For the sterile couple the donors of eggs and sperms can assist in conceiving and giving brand-new lease of life to the shocked and emotionally
shattered people. Those who have absolutely nothing to offer can a minimum of commit their precious time for the benefit of those in need.

With charity of love which is instilled in us by the parents, saints and erudites by drenching us with nectar of love we can inculcate brotherhood and relationships to all irrespective of creed, color, sex, faith and underprivileged.

We can restore them into the primary stream of life otherwise they will be pushed away from society. This also gives them emotional support. In other words, charity is servicing the needs of the people. We ought to contribute and share
our possessions with others as the trees, rivers, seas and mountains do without discrimination.

Even the roadway does service by leading us to our wanted destination without anticipating any benefit. We share our grief with others however not our belongings and comforts. God is ‘Giver’ who constantly fills our treasures with his
marvels and bounties.

His treasures are complete. He cares for the tiniest of animals all over the planet. By the pure act of giving it helps dissipate and eliminates our fad for accumulating unnecessary possessions. It likewise stops allurement of not unworthy
aspirations, desires and wants.

The attitude of providing and giving to others leads to spiritual progress whereas those who opt for taking which usually leads to failure. It is likewise stated that God manifests in various forms before his people in need, like food
for the hungry and help for the defenseless and so on.

The purity of hands is based upon the charity given and shared through them with generosity. Exactly what we give to the poor, in reality we return to Lord due to his grace.

We are providing this gift of God to the weak, unhealthy, illiterate or broken-hearted, inferior and reduced. We get complete satisfaction and Lord’s blessings only when it reaches the people who are truly in need otherwise its purpose
is lost.

It is proved beyond doubt that one who gives in charity without expecting anything in return is benefited in health and long life.

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