Brooklyn DIYBA Conference location will blow your mind (we hope)

26 Apr

Attendees will cruise between Etsy Labs and DUMBO Loft on June 26

By Amy Schroeder

Every day we get a smidge closer to posting the registration deets for the first DIY Business Association Conference in Brooklyn.

But not quite yet.

First, we want to give you a visual tour of the conference locations in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Funny name for a neighborhood, right? It stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” where the views are stunning, the streets are pretty clean, and the air feels fresher than just about any other location in New York City.

We’ve known for a while that Etsy Labs would be one of the conference locations. But we just recently added a second venue—the DUMBO Loft—which will serve as the event headquarters.

View of the inside of the DUMBO Loft


The DUMBO Loft is located on the ground floor of 155 Water Street, Brooklyn, and Etsy Labs is located at 55 Washington Street (not Avenue!). The spaces are located about two blocks apart.

I knew I'd found the best location for the Brooklyn DIYBA Conference HQ when I saw this half-removed sticker of "The Spew" on the window out front. "The Spew" was a hilarious Brooklyn cable-access show featuring DIYBAers Julie Showers and Shaina Feinberg.


Date Update!

If you’ve put Saturday, June 25, in your calendar, scratch that out and change it to Sunday, June 26.

I’ll try to keep this long story short: When we realized we needed an additional space, we went shopping for venues, and just about everything was already booked for weddings and Gay Pride Week on both June 25 and June 26. Luckily, DUMBO Loft is available June 26, and so is Etsy Labs (the Etsy people have been incredibly awesome to work with).

The front of the DUMBO Loft

You'll walk through this tunnel to get from the DUMBO Loft to Etsy Labs. (Note: People love to get hitched in this neighborhood.)


Etsy Labs is located here, inside a cool building full-up of arty spaces.


Check out bios of our speakers here on Some of the notable speakers include:

  • Founder/CCO Susan Gregg-Koger
  • Bored to Death illustrator and Emmy-winner Dean Haspiel
  • Jay-Z/Amy Winehouse bassist Gregory Jackson
  • Razorfish Senior Content Strategist Mary Butler
  • Seth Godin Evangelist Amber Rae
  • Iconoclasts Senior Producer (and indie filmmaker) Caroline Suh

More and more and more information coming soon!

The nearest subway stop is the York Street F train.


A view of the Manhattan Bridge from the DUMBO Loft


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