15 Minutes of Dame by Dixie Laite

15 Minutes of Dame is a column published every other Tuesday to help you create, develop and promote the living crap out of your personal brand.

Dixie Laite, the Senior Editorial Director for MTV Networks’ TeenNick, has been working in (and watching way too much) television for over 20 years.

Laite, a member of the DIY Business Association Board of Advisers, has put the “broad” in broadcasting for a host of TV and Web brands, including PBS, Oxygen, Oprah, AMC, WE, the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and Nickelodeon’s digital channels for teens and preschoolers.

She works with producers, marketers and writers on branding, scripts, promo copy and the occasional song. (Laite created, and wrote most of the songs for, popular animated hosts Moose A. Moose and Zee.) In addition to her television work, Laite has also been (among other things) an elementary school teacher, an advice columnist, a Web Evangelist (sounds quaint now, huh?) and a freelance writer for various TV networks, Web sites, newspapers and magazines.

Laite is also a recognized authority on retro femorabilia and is often the go-to girl for vintage vixenry. She’s written articles on classic cinema, retro style, old-school sex appeal and new-school relationships. She’s been profiled in New York Magazine, the New York PostAtomic, Bust and Apartment Therapy. Passionate about the personal and social benefits to living life with a “broad perspective,” Laite blogs at The Lost Art of Being a Dame, but mostly she spends her time flea marketing and hanging out with her dogs, parrots and husband. Laite also works as an editorial and social media marketing consultant, and is known to eat more pancakes than is humanly possible. (She’s no slouch in the pie department either.)

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